Thank you for looking at our resources page, where you will find some required governmental forms.
The Business Admin Forms contain detailed information that will enhance your business',  needs. The Business Admin Forms are an effective and efficient solution to incorporate big and small procedures to your company without doing the work. Just purchase our package and set up a 15 minute free consultation with the company's founder for each package purchased.
Recruiting employees who will thrive at your company/organization, and hiring the successful applicant will involve a number of important tasks, steps and paperwork. The key to successful recruiting of new employees is the development of a systematic process for developing job descriptions, generating a pool of candidates, and selecting the right candidate. Along with these guides, we offer a successful recruiting program to implement immediately
Employee onboarding, also known as new hire orientation is the process by which a company/organization assimilates its new employees into their environment. It is one of the means for improving productivity, building loyalty and productivity, thereby, helping the employee become successful early in their careers with the new company/organization.
Additional Government Documents
As a business owner you must ensure that all new employees complete the required governmental forms. Below are links to some forms you may need for onboarding. You will also find links to these forms in the instructions for each package purchased.
W-4 Form
California State Withholding Form
I-9 Form
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