I am currently an Administrative Professional Consultant with more than 20 years of experience. I graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Public Administration from San Diego State University. I have won several awards over the years, including “Firm Administrator of the Year," from a global organization. I currently serve as an advisor/consultant to a variety of businesses that have a need to establish business administrative functions.  These include human resources, recruiting, onboarding, IT management, record retention, general administrative processes, training, and development.

I have put all of my years of knowledge and experience into developing packages that include administrative forms, which any type of business could use.  My online packages will provide business owner(s), whether start-up or having an established business, the ease of creating a cohesive administration foundation for their business.
My main goal is to ensure that businesses have a solid administrative foundation; thereby, the owner can concentrate on what is really important in the business:
“revenue and growth.”
Germina Demers
  • Reduced Costs by 64k the First Year in Previous Position
  • 2012 Winner “Top Firm Administrator of the Year”
  • Eight Time Winner of "Employee of Semester" at SDSU
  • Won Best Workplace Award from a Local Organization
  • Published Articles Relating to Employee Development
  • Established San Diego Firm Administrator Group
  • Built Several Online Training Programs
  • Two Relocation Projects with Minimal Downtime
With more than 20 years worth of administrative expertise, Business Admin Forms, have satisfied hundreds of clients, whether, a startup or, established business. in California. During the years, we have mastered the art of creating templates that come in our package with valuable instructions included. Each package comes with a free 15 minute consultation.
All of our clients simply receive our forms, and can quickly integrated them into their business. With such ease, you never have to worry about business operation inefficiency; just pick the package you need and focus on what's really important: growth and revenue.
Business Admin Forms has high-caliber knowledge of Californian law, so you don't have to get caught up in legal red tape when you've already been established, using our forms. Let our knowledge and templates take you to the next level.
If you have new recruits for your business, just bootstrap your integration process with the help of our onboarding forms. Our forms are strategically designed to help you maximize the best results and avoid wasting time!
The average business owner will find my packages are efficient and effective and are results-oriented to ensure, the processes drive businesses toward their goals.
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